Butterfly tattoo design in White Iris Salon Clearwater

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

One of the most common butterfly tattoo meanings is that of freedom, as butterflies are a flying insect with prominent wings.
Butterflies usually symbolize transformation and growth. It’s a whimsical design with a sense of fantasy and freedom because of the insect’s colorful wings. This tattoo also looks great in monochrome black or a full-color design.

Best Tattoos For Woman

Butterflies are a popular tattoo choice because they’re versatile, beautiful, and feminine, making them a great choice, particularly for the ladies. They also represent transformation, which is a lovely way to express a journey or experience that has helped shape who you are.

Best Placement Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos are great because they can go anywhere on your body. The shape of the wings makes for great framing, so they look particularly excellent on the chest, collar bone, and lower back. Other popular locations also include the shoulders and arms, especially the inner forearm and back of the upper arm.

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